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September 11, 2008


Carrie Hasson

#3 hands down!


I like the #3! I agree with all that J said!


i didn't exactly announce that i had one. when you read my first one, you'll understand. i only told chelle and jeramy because they're the 2 most obsessed people about blogging.

and my vote also goes to #2&3.


#2 is close....but #3 is my fav. brady doesn't look so creepy in #3. yes i said creepy people. don't leave a bunch of comments about that. i love my son. you know what i mean. i agree with wendy about #2 and mags and the beads....but....MR and brady are better in #3. and jane. so it's 3 against 1. and mags is still cute. ok, i'm done.


I really like the middle one. I love that Maggie has beads, the olders have their eyes fixed on you, and Jane has that adorable face on.


My fav of those is the second one! They are all such precious kiddos!


I don't know what you're talking about... those are good! I love the last one most of all. But I understand, it's different looking at it as a mom than as a friend. Mom's know the fake smiles and expressions that just don't totally capture who they are. In my eyes, it's cute.

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