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September 18, 2008


Amanda Mays

Hahahah too funny! Great rule bradyana!

At the store the other day Chase wanted the indy whip! Um yeah I don't think a 3 year old is mentally equipped enough to run around with a whip I redirected his attention to candy! hahaha I'm a great mother arent I? ;)


that's not what i was thinking....steve?


right michelle. you don't have a whip, and those lashes on kids' backs are for aerodynamics... we're totally buying it...


Right Michelle. If anyone buys that I've got an ice burg to sell them.


Thanks for the tips Brady. I'll apply them when I use my whip.... I mean IF I HAD A WHIP I WOULD APPLY THEM.... because I don't... have a whip... really.


did he learn #8 first hand? because i think you'll need to post that story...


Great rules, from Bradyana! Probably some developed from the trial and error factor! Ha!


this was my childhood. i receive so much joy giving my son a bullwhip. i'm just sayin...

i never had a hat though....i'm glad to push the next generation on even further. :-)

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