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June 12, 2010



Prayers, Prayers and more Prayers coming from the Reoch's!


Thanks for the update, we are definately praying!!

Carrie Hasson

Love you guys!!! Praying

Kimberlyn Totten

Thank you for sharing your journey when you are able. Processing in writing can always be a good thing too...but only if your up for it. It's good to know how to be praying more specifically. Thinking of you...God's Peace to you and yours!


Your faith and stregth is shining through even in your blog!! You have no idea what an inspiration you are! Jer 29:11 xoxox


Sharon, thank you so much for being open and sharing. Please don't apologize for taking the time you need to process. You are amazing at keeping us all up to speed so that our prayers can be specific for you! I'm praying for Jillian and Anne, for momma and papa and for brother and sisters! Love you all!!!

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