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May 20, 2011


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Jen Young



Thank you for sharing...Bill has already touched lives all the way out here in NC just by seeing the love in his eyes for his family. What a blessing to be so cherished and to cherish so many.


I love with one with him and the grandkids!!


The gift is priceless and beyond beautiful. There are no words to express our deep gratitude. ~ Debbie (Daughter of Bill)


Sharon, this struck close to home as well... Thank you for doing this for this beautiful family! I often look at the shots that Jody and you get and know that I need to get family portraits done. Right now the extent of my camera is my iPhone, part of my charger to mine was lost in the move. I know how important it is to cherish your time with loved ones and am thankful to people like you who make it possible to have those moments captured in time forever.

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