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July 22, 2011


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Mindy A

I could stare at these forever, such a beautiful moment, wonderfully captured Sharon! Hi Claudette!

Nicky Picky!

Oh Sharon! I can see your heart in every single image! Beautiful! Each and every one!! And your writing? Real! Refreshing! Love it! And you!!


This is just SOOO amazingly awesome that you were there to capture the beauty of them falling in love with her! These images are priceless, Sharon!!!


I think this post is perfect, and I'm sure Jody thinks so too. The most important part was the experience and how you captured it with pictures. The pictures are worth more than a million words describing it :-)


Amazing Sharon!! Congrats to Jody and her family... and what a gift you've given her with these magical images. Love, love, love!

Jeannie Conklin

Thank you Sharon for being there to record Molly's birth and giving us such beautiful pictures. And I'm greatful that we get to share through your photos in JOdy's beautiful experience. Your skill at capturing life in photography just takes my breath away. JOdy, Molly is beautiful just like the rest of the Williamsons.

Vanessa Pearson

Sharon, you did a GREAT job!! With your words and your work!! You do amazing things woman!! :)

Jennifer Baxter

Sharon, Your pictures are amazing! You captured the emotions very well...I cried and I wasn't even there. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience with us.
Jody you are amazing and you and your family are beautiful!!! Jenn Baxter

Trina Gueck

Thank you so much for sharing these! They are beautiful!

Jody Williamson

I keep reading this post and crying and smiling and I have this warm, fuzzy feeling all over! I noticed this time that Oliver and Annie are both wearing their favorite jammies! Oliver's in his Superman jammies and Annie's got her Elmo jammies from her Jenell friend. =) That little detail warmed my heart. Something I never would have noticed if it weren't for your amazing photos. That one of the kids with grandpa is one of my favorites. I'm so, so happy you caught that moment!

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